Are you wondering how much water you should drink every day?

The amount of water that is right for each person depends on many factors, including your health, activity level and the climate in which you live. We have created a calculator to help you determine how much water to drink based on these factors. All it takes is a few simple questions!

How much do I need to drink per day? It’s important not only because we lose fluids through sweat and urine but also because our bodies use water to flush out toxins. If we don’t replace those fluids regularly, dehydration can occur—and when this happens, our performance suffers. So if you want to perform at your best during any physical activity or just feel good throughout the day, make sure that you are drinking enough H2O! And remember – even mild dehydration can affect us so staying hydrated is essential for optimal health and wellness.


Water Intake calculator

Find Out Your Water Intake Needs

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you should drink ...... of water per day


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