I dont see the cash or PayNow options when i order?

You may have had a cancelled order due to non payment, Our system will restrict any accounts with a cancelled order due to no payment. How to lift the restrictions? Below are two options: Place an order using a credit card, Once the order is competed the restrictions will be lifted Get in touch with … Read more

Does Xtra Protein have a retail store?

Yes, We do. Click here for more info We do have a showroom, You can self collect for now. We are working on setting up a small retail outlet soon, We will inform all our customers via email once ready. Even with the new retail store we still highly recommend that our customers order online first. This … Read more

What product do I need to purchase to gain more weight/mass?

You will need to be on a caloric surplice to gain weight, Which means that you have to take in more then you burn. So below are some products which can help you gain weight /mass Mass Gainers https://www.xtraprotein.com/?s=Mass+gainers&post_type=product&type Creatine https://www.xtraprotein.com/?s=Creatine&post_type=product&type_aws=true Glutamine https://www.xtraprotein.com/?s=Glutamine&post_type=product&type_aws=true Protein https://www.xtraprotein.com/?s=Protein&post_type=product&type_aws=true Please consult your doctor before taking any of the above

What is a PopStation?

POPStation (Pick Own Parcel Station) lets you post, collect or make payment for your parcels at our lockers any time, any day within the collection period. You can also rent your own POPStation locker if you make frequent deliveries, want to store your own items or have a business that sends and receives numerous parcels. … Read more

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