100 Plus Active (500ml) 24 Pack


  • No fizz, with added vitamins
  • Quench your thirst by providing sufficient energy during and after sports to replace fluids lost in sweat.
  • Non-carbonated Isotonic drink rehydrates
  • Replenishes and re-energises you with added Vitamin B3, B6, B12.

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100 Plus Active is an isotonic, non-carbonated drink specially formulated to hydrate better than water, by quickly replacing fluids and electrolytes lost during your active lifestyle. It also contains vitamins B3, B6, and B12. The ultimate 'thirst and body-quencher,' it helps combat the effects of dehydration, heat, and exertion, enabling you to achieve peak performance everyday

We tend to perspire when exercising. This is our body’s natural mechanism to cool itself down as it generates energy that's, in turn, transformed into heat. Think of perspiration as our body’s coolant.

However if we keep on perspiring without replenishing the lost liquid, we risk overheating. That's why, hydration is essential in ensuring we are able to exercise safely and effectively.

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